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10/4/2015 - The FACTUAL team release the following statement Readmore

27/2/2015 - The FACTUAL team would like to thank all our supporters for their kind comments. We acknowledge the thirst for more information about the many alterations to the Crown case.
Regrettably however we are under very strict instruction from the court not to engage in any media activity, hence the complete lack of updates on this site for a number of years, and in particular since the Privy Council quashed the convictions.

Recommended Reading - A reporter for is at the High Court in Wellington and is updating news from the courtroom throughout the day. You can read his updates here

FACTUAL are reading these updates with interest about the Crown Case on a regular basis and note with concern the many alterations from the original case.
We find the Stuff updates to be a reasonable summation of events, albeit very brief, and certainly more appropriate than other brief media commentaries which are often more sensational.
We look forward to the Defence case being heard in rebuttal.
Ultimately though this case is about finding Mark Lundy guilty or not guilty based on reasonable doubt.
It does not seek to find the truth as FACTUAL would hope.

Further Recommended Reading: Here

22/10/2013 - FACTUAL are deeply concerned at the proposed resurrection of the 'Lundy Three Hundy' car rally to recreate the theoretical drive from Petone to Palmerston North.  Although it does highlight the absurdity of the Police claims that the return drive can be conducted in 2 hours and 35 minutes, we believe that the Wanganui group concerned are purely in it for self proclaimed sadistic reasons and entertainment value.  FACTUAL are in no way involved with this group and find the intention quite abhorrent.  It is our hope that those organising this horrible event realise the hurt they are doing in the community and withdraw their plans.

21/10/2013 - An interesting article by Rodney Hide published by the NZ Herald 20/10/2013 - Readmore

17/10/2013 - The Timaru Herald published this article October 15th 2013 Readmore

15/10/2013 - To all our followers, friends, supporters, and even sceptics. We are being inundated with web traffic and are very thankful for the overwhelming responses and interest. Naturally we are ecstatic that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) has given such an emphatic endorsement of our efforts. The five Law Lords reaching a unanimous decision was very pleasing. Regrettably beyond this FACTUAL is prohibited from commenting further.  Justice Young was very clear in his instructions at the bail hearing. No one, family, friends, supporters, police, or Crown Law are to say or do anything that could influence a retrial. There is much we would like to say but for now we must be silent. We are very grateful to you all and particularly to those who have been sceptical and are coming to this site for more information. We truly wish we could accommodate your thirst for the facts but must let it play out in the courts.

Many thanks


10/10/2013 - Criminal case review - by David Hislop QC, John McLinden QC and Malcom Birdling - Readmore

7/10/2013 - Thank you for all your comments and support
The FACTUAL TEAM will release a statement regarding the Privy Council outcome here after the official announcement at 9pm today.

2/10/2013 - Privy Council announcement is set down for Monday 7 October - 9am BST, (9pm NZDT). The announcement is expected to be broadcast live and streamed via Skynews UK. The broadcast can be viewed online here at the above time. The           broadcast will be approximately 5 minutes in duration.

22/6/2013 - NZ Herald - Lundy's Appeal - The three questions - Read more

20/6/2013 - Mark Lundy's sister hopeful over appeal bid -
Click to See Video

16/6/2013 - Mark Lundy's Privy Council hearing started on the 16th of June 2013 and concluded on the 19th.

6/6/2013 - NZ Herald - 'Letter of the Week' - David Hislop QC, John McLinden QC, Dr Malcolm Birdling, London - comment
Click here  

1/11/2012 - The members of the FACTUAL committee have advised that an Application for leave has been filed with the Privy Council in London More information

9/12/2012 - "North & South Magazine, released December 10 th 2012, provides another excellent investigative report as the Lundy defence team file an application for leave to appeal to the Privy Council.  Once again Mike White has done a thorough investigation into what really goes on behind the scenes and has produced a remarkable insight.  This is a must read for anyone following the case. We hope that you not only buy a copy but also tell a friend.
ACP media

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