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Privy Council Press Release

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The FACTUAL team are very thankful that the decision reached by The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) has recognised the severe miscarriage of justice in this wrongful conviction of Mark Lundy.

This tragic sequence of events can now enter a new phase in the search for the truth.
For 12 long years a team of dedicated supporters have worked tirelessly to achieve the objective of the truth.  
With this emphatic decision from the JCPC they have upheld what FACTUAL have long maintained as inconsistencies and misinformation in this unfortunate series of events which need to be reconsidered in light of these accepted revelations.  

Now that the verdict has been found to be unsafe FACTUAL sincerely hope that the Crown will  re-investigate this crime in the search for truth.  There are many unanswered questions that need to be re-evaluated.  
Mark Lundy has always maintained his innocence and his love for his wife and daughter who someone has callously taken from him.  As the police had initially maintained, Mark is an innocent victim in this horrific crime.  
The FACTUAL Team would like to convey their appreciation to family, friends, supporters, the legal teams and most importantly the international scientific community who have rallied in the search for truth and justice.
There is much more we would like to say but for now we must remain silent given the delicacy and various legal matters that still need to be addressed.
It is our sincere hope that the JCPC decision will be a starting point for an awareness that Mark Lundy was in no way involved in this heinous crime as we enter the next phases in the search for the Truth for Amber and Christine.  


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