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Areas of doubt

The Murders of Christine and Amber Lundy
Was it really Mark?

Possible Areas of Doubt?

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
( Mark Twain )

There are areas of doubt concerning the case that call into question the safety of the verdict. Including:

1. Time of Death

Is the determination of time of death accurate? It was based solely on the stomach contents of the victims and assumptions on the time the meals were eaten.

The alleged time of death of 7:00 p.m. is difficult to accept by many of those who knew the Lundy family well, as it is inconsistent with habitual routines. The pathologist's evidence is open to question with apparent omissions and inconsistencies.
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2. Brain Tissue on the Shirt

Is the 'pin head sized' speck of tissue irrefutably Christine's brain or spinal tissue? Multiple forensic laboratories around the world advised that the chance of successfully determining this was near zero. A Texan pathologist used a new procedure based on an experiment with a fresh chicken just one week earlier, and testified based on this work. more information...

Did this matter get on the shirt whilst 'fresh' or later through secondary transfer?
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Why were no traces of blood or tissue found on Mark, his clothing, jewellery, glasses, in his car, or at the motel where he stayed that
night, when the murder scene had large amounts of blood on walls, floor and ceiling?

3. Driving Time

Is it possible to cover the 150 kilometers distance between Petone and Palmerston North, commit two murders, manipulate a computer, hobble 500 meters to and from a car, clean up and dispose of all evidence, in 2Hrs 58 minutes?

If we take account of the time the
eye witness saw Mark, and him getting to his car, the return trip would have to be made in 68 minutes, an average speed of 132km/hr on ordinary roads including narrow and winding sections.

Why did no-one see or report a vehicle being driven at high speed through Wellington peak traffic , avoiding all police and speed cameras, at an average speed of over 150kph?

4. Insufficient Petrol

How was the return trip done with insufficient petrol in the tank, and no time or evidence for refuelling? Video camera footage from service stations and speed camera photos were checked with no resulting sighting of Mark!

5. Computers

Was the desktop computer clock manipulated?
The police suggested it was manipulated but cannot prove this, which leaves the shutdown time of 10.52 pm.
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Why was the laptop computer that Christine worked on that night, never forensically tested by the police? It was in the same room as the desktop computer!
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6. Murder weapon

What was the murder weapon?
Where it is now?

7. Eye Witness reports

Did the eye witness really suppress her 'physic powers' when she drew the sketches for the police. Why were her 'psychic musings' released at depositions yet not for trial.

How reliable is the eye witness testimony?
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What other eye witness reports were given to police?

8. Cellular Phone records

Mark and Christine both used mobile phones on the Telecom 025 network, which apparently uses the AMPS/D-AMPS system. This is very different to the newer systems used for the Telecom 027 and Vodaphone 021 networks and uses different towers.

Mark's phone records from Telecom show the cellular phone tower that his mobile phone was connected to when calls were made or received. The coverage of the towers in the Petone area is such that each tower only covers about 100 metres approx. These records were used to place Mark in Petone on the night of the murders.

We have had a number of queries on cellphone tracking and we have been informed by several people now that there are logs kept of which tower a cellphone is connected to, even when not making a call. This makes sense, as the cellular system has to know where a phone is in order to put a call through.

Police have denied having these records, and we will be approaching Telecom for them.
We are interested in anyone that can help us determine if these records exist for the 025 network and the process for obtaining them. Click here if you can help

9. Other questions

Was Mark capable of planning meticulously and carrying out such a grisly crime, when Christine's and Marks friends and family all testified that he adored them both?

Where is the jewellery box and contents now?

Why were five other suspects never fully investigated and these details withheld from the jury?

Is it really possible for the mobile phone transmitter details to be tracked and if so why have they never been fully released?

The lights in the house were reported as being on at 10pm and off at 11pm, how can this be explained if the murder was at the alleged time of 7pm?

Why was a Detective Sergeant appointed as Officer In Charge of the Investigation "Winter", when police best practice suggests a minimum rank of Detective Inspector?

Was this brutal murder committed by a person high on methamphetamine (also known as "P"), as a "hit" intended for someone else?

If you have information on these questions, PLEASE CONTACT US NOW

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