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Factual Trust

The Factual Trust has been set up to assist the committee to find the truth in this tragic case. Funds donated are used to validate scientific evidence and to assist with mounting legal costs. Ultimately funding will be required to take the case to the Privy Council which is estimated to be $100,000.


Funds are to be used to help the Factual Committee find the truth about the murders of Christine and Amber. Mark is not a direct beneficiary of the trust and has no influence in the management of trust funds. Ultimately if the purpose no longer exists, for any reason, then the Trust Deed stipulates any remaining funds be donated to local hospice as they were very supportive of Bill Lundy in his last days when Mark was sadly unable to be with him.

For further details regarding the Trust,
please contact us.

Donations can be paid directly into FACTUAL TRUST Bank Account.

Account Number 06-0379-0141368-000

Join our Team
through our contact page or write to us at:

FACTUAL Committee
P.O. Box 331

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