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Can you help?

Investigating a crime after someone has been convicted is a difficult task, but there are many ways that people can help us.


If you have any information regarding any aspect of the case, no matter how trivial, then
please let us know.

Many people have difficulty remembering the date unless there is an event that reminds them. The bodies were found on Wednesday 30th August 2000, so we are particularly interested in events on that day and the previous day, Tuesday 29th August 2000.

In particular we would like to hear about:

The car parked outside 3 or 5 Hillcrest Drive around 7 - 7:15pm on 29-8-2000

If you visited the dairy or Fish & Chip shop in Rhodes Drive at 7 - 7:15pm on 29-8-2000
If you were jogging or saw someone jogging in Rhodes Drive at 7 - 7:15pm on 29-8-2000
If you know a man that drove a white/cream van in Kaimanawa St at 5 - 6 p.m. on 29-8-2000
If you know a man that would have carried a bucket and mops in the Palmerston North Hospital area at around 8:30 am on Monday 4-9-2000.

Speeding cars or unusual activity in Kelvin Grove on 29-8-2000 or 30-8-2000
A white car with a brown driver's door seen cruising the area -
more information

If you walked along the Petone foreshore on 29-8-2000 between 5:30 & 6:30pm
If you made a statement to the Police that was not publicised in the newspapers
If you saw anyone with injuries or blood stains on clothing or in a vehicle
If you know of anyone that disposed of or washed clothing at an unusual time
If you have heard any rumours or conversations or "bragging" about the murders
If you have seen stained clothing or an axe type of weapon dumped somewhere

Can you identify HN6315?
click here for more details

Financial Assistance

Offers of financial support are welcome. A Trust Fund has been being established for this purpose. If you can help in this way please
contact us.

Opinions and Theories

Your opinions and theories are welcome, provided they are not malicious or frivolous.
Submit your ideas and evidence here


Perhaps you have ideas or suggestions for this website, or for areas to be looked at, or even a way to publicise our cause. If so make your suggestion here

Make your opinion known

It is important that this case is openly discussed and debated.
Please contact your
newspaper, write a letter to the editor, email the editor etc
Write or email your
local MP or the Ministry of Justice
Overseas people can contact the local
New Zealand embassy
Feel free to tell people about this website, and link to it from your own website.

Moral Support

Words of encouragement are always very welcome :-)
encourage us here

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