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Visitor question (Abridged )
Visitor comment
Published by Mr G - 22/8/2017
Published by FACTUAL - 11/8/2017
Lundy Supporter
Published by Nostalgia-NZ - 7/8/2017
Letter from Mark Lundy
Published by Mark Lundy - 1/8/2017
Letter from Makr Lundy
Published by Mark Lundy - 20/7/2017
Letter from Mark Lundy
Published by Mark Lundy - 19/7/2017
The FACTUAL team release the following regarding the High Court Verdict
Published by FACTUAL - 10/4/2015
FACTUAL - Release
Published by FACTUAL - 27/2/2015
Comment form a supporter RE stencilling
Published by Anonymous - 23/8/2014
Lundy three Hundy Conserns
Published by FACTUAL - 22/10/2013
Rodney Hide: Heads should roll for this travesty
Published by Rodney Hide - 20/10/2013
Plenty oif questions still to be answered
Published by FACTUAL - 17/10/2013
To all our followers, friends, supporters, and even sceptics
Published by FACTUAL - 15/10/2013
Criminal case review - by David Hislop QC, John McLinden QC and Malcom Birdling
Published by y David Hislop QC, John McLinden QC and Malcom Birdling - 10/10/2013
The FACTUAL TEAM will release a statement regarding the Privy Council outcome
Published by FACTUAL - 7/10/2013
Privy Council announcement
Published by FACTUAL - 2/10/2013
Calculating Average Speed
Published by P.W. - 23/7/2013
Phone Call 6:56
Published by On the Fence - 23/7/2013
Published by By doubtful of Palmerston North - 23/6/2013
NZ Herald - Lundy's Appeal - The three questions
Published by Jared Savage - NZ Herald - 19/6/2013
Mark Lundy's Privy Council hearing started
Published by FACTUAL - 16/6/2013
Letter of the week David Hislop QC, John McLinden QC and Malcom Birdling
Published by FACTUAL - 6/6/2013
Visitor Comment
Published by Hope Taylor - 24/1/2013
North & South - Lundy's Last Change
Published by North & South - 27/12/2012
Application for leave has been filed
Published by FACTUAL - 11/11/2012
Lawyers acting for Mark lundy have filed an application for leave to appeal to the privy council
Published by FACTUAL - 2/11/2012
Meticulous or Ridiculous?
Published by By G.L. of Auckland - 23/8/2012
Average Speed and Computer Clocks
Published by Dave - 23/7/2012
Re: Beyond the Darklands
Published by FACTUAL - 24/2/2010
'60 Minutes - TV3 Monday November 30th
Published by FACTUAL - 1/12/2009
Ex Detective Inspector investigates HN6315
Published by Anonymous - 24/6/2009
In support of Mark
Published by By M.H. of Palmerston North - 23/11/2007
Cellphone and Sex
Published by C.R. of Auckland - 23/6/2007
Extreme exaggeration?
Published by Darcy ( ex Palmerston North ) - 23/12/2005
Let us hear Mark's side of the story
Published by S.S. of Palmerston North - 1/10/2005
Pushing It
Published by J.P. of Upper Hutt - 1/7/2005
The Verdict
Published by FACTUAL - 31/3/2005
Mark didn't do this
Published by R.D. of Palmerston North - 6/9/2004
The bracelet
Published by J.M. - 23/6/2004
Guilty or Innocent
Published by Frank K - 23/3/2004
Jailing the Innocent
Published by L.N. of Wellington - 23/3/2003
North & South Magazine released December 10th 2012
Published by FACTUAL - 9/12/2002
Worrying Points
Published by P.K. of Palmerston North - 1/11/2001
A Maori Perspective
Published by By M - 1/7/2001
DNA doubts
Published by By Russell of Palmerston North - 23/6/2001
Argument in science
Published by Brian of Auckland - 1/1/2001
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